the best softwares for....?? help!!!

Hello, I´ve been using Rhino 3d during my industrial design career, also SolidWorks.

I want to know wich software is the best for:

  • 3D sketching (like rhino 3d)
  • Sofware for CAD (like solidworks)
    but if you can help me out telling me about the best one and the easiest to learn!!!

    ALSO, is there any CAD and 3D sketching software for MAC ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

what you have right there is probably your best option for the speed/ease/price combo. Add in a good renderer and you’re good to go. Not really any good 3d for mac, some people use Cobalt (intuitive tools, horrible space navigation). It’s a good combo surfacer and 3d with parametrics, just not widely used (not as much as rhino, SW, alias, etc)

try modo - it pretty solid modelling software that runs on mac and also try maya - there isn’t really anything that is an equivilent of solidworks on Mac, although all us IDer’s with MAcs are hanging out for the new mactels - which hopefully will have dual OS boot - apple has apparently just put in a patent on a new technology that allows dual OS booting and seamless swapping between them without having to re-boot the computer.

mm dunno.
I’m now under the effects of Think3D after Rhino3d.
It’s a parametric 3D cad. I use them both.


SolidThinking is really looking sweet these days and you can upgrade to Forma for complete parametrics.

I like Pro/ENGINEER with ISDX, however Pro/CONCEPT has potential if they’d just make it more responsive.

Silo ( is another subd app which is cheap, and very stable from what I’ve read.