The best design schools in the America

I have seen all the European list of best design schools. What about the U.S. What are the top 10 or 20 schools for ID or product? Does not have to be in order. Just good reputation and solid program.

My personal list, based on the quality of designers that I know from those programs and what I know of the programs themselves:

All around well respected good schools:

Art Center College of Design
University of Cincinatti
College for Creative Studies
Cleveland Insititute of Art
Academy of Art University


In no articular order

  1. Carnegie Mellon
  2. Rhode Island School of Design
  3. Parsons College of Design
  4. Pratt Institute
    5 VCU for graphic design only
  5. Art Center Colege of Design in CA
  6. Perhaps School of Art Institute in Chicago
  7. MICA in Maryland
  8. Cleveland Institute of Art

Apply to Stanford. Stanford will open a new design school in the next few years. It will blow every school there is.

i bet that was supposed to be “blow away”…

yes, thanks.

Under David Kelley of IDEO

Oh did you want the list of the best design schools or most expensive?

Be careful ranking schools… a list of thier strengths would probably be a better way to compare them.

If you are a student looking for a good school to attend meet graduates and students of the schools.

Employers dont hire schools they hire designers. Go somewhere that promotes all facets of design and has alot of ties with places you would like to work.

They already have a design program and as far as I know it is combined with mechanical engineering… Stanford is always a big name but are they really good in art education?

(if anyone wonders yes they did not accept me, but I still think their ID+ME program is the best combination of engineering and design)

Stanford is creating a new D School for 2006. Stanford has always collaborated with design firms in California- ie IDEO. Yes, Stanford is that good!!!

Also, be careful, they teach product design, which is different from industrial design, They are engineers who want to get some ID notions, but at the end, they are not IDers…

Saw their degree show, it’s not ID at all. But they are quite successful anyway.

where is that list of european design schools?

I think somewhere in the archives should have a list on European schools.
Here’s my random pick for schools that reign in the 21st century):

UMEA (Sweden)
Royal College of Art (London)
Sheffield Hallam (Sheffield City<?> Polytechnic)
Northumbria (Newcastle Poly)
Polytechnic Milan
Essen University (Germany)

those that used to be at the top in the last century:

Central St Martins, London
Manchester Metropolitan. (manchester polytechic)
Ulm (Germany)

There are also many Eurioean design colleges
all you need is to google them and you get a long list of schools.

I am wondering why people here don’t mention much about Stanford, MIT or Harvard on top of their list of top design schools. My take for the US would be Cincinnati for UG and Pratt / IIT for PG

can you please pass on the list of best design schools in europe to me.

have you heard of Scuola Politecnica di Design??how good is it?

can you please name me a few good schools in europe or the usa that have courses on basic product/industrial design?

yes i also wanna know more about SPD(Scuola Politecnica di Design)
It’s in Milan. It worked once (as i know) together with Lambo. It looks not bad. but i know nothing more.
anybody knows this school well? :unamused:

and i need some info about which schools are good in Canada for Industrial design. Thanks!

How is the Masters of Product Development course at Carnegie Mellon, School of design?