The best country in the world for Product Design

The UK is the best country in the world for Product Design
and Innovation, as 85% comes from there.


HUH? Parallel universe maybe.

Because it’s loaded of foreigners, of course

because our brains are bigger

2 main reasons why Ingland is so good/prolific at ID

  1. The weather sucks therefore we spend more time working than everyone else.

  2. We owned the world and therefore know everything and are the best at everything.


Don’t forget the food, so I would complete your first point:

When other people are enjoying food, or going out to enjoy weather or do sports, we have to work, even relating with other english people is difficult, so we stay and work.

pd. can you belive it’s still winter over here?? for christ sake, but jacket potatoes and fish and chips save the day

Because we steal all the good ideas from other countries, just like we stool all the good aspects of our culture from other countries!

Does that verb mean to seat on something without backrest?

maybe all that mental energy saved up from not having to think about personal hygine (teeth, etc) and changing dirty socks is actually being put to good use elsewhere.

but i doubt it

85%? Where did you get that number from?

I believe the “stool” refers to the end result of the process of squashing together and digesting the good parts of other cultures. :wink: