The "Best" Architecture Schools

Does anyone out there know which Canadian architecture school has the best “reputation”. Please do not reply saying, ‘it dependswhat you want’. I would like to know which one is the most reputable. It seems like some people say University of Toronto, has anyone gone there, and have some insight into there program. Thanks

I heard Mcgill, but I may be wrong. Dalhousie is suppose to be good too.

University of Calgary- see Environmental Design Faculty

University of British Columbia.

both accredited by US and Canada

Aren’t almost all canadian schools accredited by both the U.S. and Canada. I’m asking which shcool has the best “reputation”. I’ve heard that u of c and ubc are fairly new programs and not very reputable.

They are all the same and reputable. When you look at the program, they are all the same, the subjects, the teachers, the requirements to get your certification is pretty much the same. I mean UofC has been around for 30 years, UBC longer. You can go to Toronto and graduate at its program but if you are crappy designer after you graduated, no one will hire you. If you go to Calgary, and graduate as a wicked designer, people will take notice. The school is not important, it is how you use that school to make you a better architecture. Architectual firms are not going to hire the school, they are going to hire you.

The best bet is that you gotta make the cut first. So, apply to all these schools and see what happens. Don’t just apply to a chool that is perceived reputable. What if you don’t get in there? Apply to all of them and then you can weed out the schools you don’t like. Visit the schools first and talk to students, profs and firms in the city. Don’t just read what people say or write. You will be spending 4 years of your life in that city and school. Make sure you like that city and your lifestyle suits that city- if not you will be misserable.

U of T is definielty #1 in Canada. Just go to their website and you’ll see all the internationaly known architects who will be giving lectures there this year. No other canadian school can compete. Especially with there Masters program. I would put them as my top pick for schools to apply to.

If you have the talent to get in!!!

Thank you so far for all the replies. I was wondering what sort of talent is needed to get into a program such as U of T’s master program. Is it more difficult to get in then other programs in Canada. I’ve already completed a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Fine Arts. So I do have quite a bit of experience as a creative person.

Check out UofT’s web, I think you need Physics, math, a graet portfolio, letter of reference, letter of why u wish to attend and what will you gain and do after. You need at least 3.5 out of 4 GPA because you will be competing with a thousand students for a limited space. If you are an international student- you have agreat chance. You do not need GRE to apply to Canada.

I think you will have a great chance at UofC and UBC than UofT and again, it depends on the applicant pool at the time. I believe UBC UofC will accept you right away. UofC is a masters program and you already have a degree and a masters. It has a good reputation in North America and Canada.

Again, see their website and look for requirements. UofT, UBC, UofC are all good.

How is Dalhousie? I am Canadian do they accept more students internationaly cause they pay more? How many out of “a thousand” do they accept at U of T. Is it really that tough to get into. I checked the website already, and know what you have to hand in. I am just wondering if there is anybody out there who can tell me specifically what U of T are after. Thanks

Meet and exceed the requirements that they want. That’s all you need. I applied there and met the minimum requirements but I did not get in. So I switched to ID. Best move I have made. I think they pick 100-200 students at Toronto.

I am from Van City, this is the architectural design capital of Canada hands down. I am an ID person but I think UBC and Vancouver will give you more for your buck.

I’ve lived in Vancouver for fours years, I did my BFA there at Emily Carr. I like the city but have heard that UBC doesn’t have a great architecture program. Can you tell me how come you know you met the minimum requirements? What are they exactly? How can I exceed them, what level of portolio and writing is needed. Can you give me an example. Also why did you say that going into ID was the best decision you’ve made. I’ve heard others say the samething. Thanks a lot for the feedback, I appreciate it.

Don’t beleive what you hear. I met the minimum rewuiremesnts because they wrote me a letter that I was on the list. These are,college or high school physics, calculus, 3 letter of recomendation, essays, 5-10 pieces of portfolio, 3.0 GPA minimum. See and go to the architec faculty and see the admission standard. It will give you exactly what is needed. It will take you at least 10 years to be a professional architect. ID was more of a creative choice for me.

If 100-200 are accepted. How many apply?

ubc and u of c are definelty not as good as U of T or Dalhousie

Dal, their co-op jobs pay 10 bucks an hour. Might as weel work for McDicks.

And ubc and u of c are better paying?

Way better than Dal. Calgary and Van economies are tops ( maybe on par with TO). There are new buildings popping up everywhere in these two cities. What is there in Halifax? Not much. That’s why you get paid shit.

Yes but Dalhousie, as an instution, produces more successful designers. The same could be said for U of T and Mcgill. I do not know of any who have come out of the Masters programs at UBC or Calgary. It depends on what you want, good pay for a short period during your co-op or coming out of a better program?