The BENZ kicks guide project

Hi Guys

Tell me what you think.



some of the sketching talent popping up round here is amazing…

good stuff big jim, interesting to see how you decide to develop these sketches into a final soln, keep us posted bru.



I really like the series on the top right with the rounded heel. Anytime a shoe has a rounded heel it makes it much more comfortable to wear when driving. Especially for long distances. Comfort, luxury, and performance…all attributes of a Benz so it makes sense for Benz shoes.

Jim, the sketch in the middle on the right (do we need to go over numbering again) is pretty dialed man. I’d roll down that path. I like the idea of a high tech injected part juxtaposed adainst a very crafted loafer. I think this combination of craft and tech is very MB. Keep going.

Good stuff Jim keep up the good work.

sup bro…stay’n late these days…

How did this ever turn out? you take it to the next step?