The benefit of co-creation with leading artists/designers

Hi All,

I have a technology in my hands which is perfect for co-creation projects of limited footwear runs. Particularly the uppers

The obvious answer is to work with leading creatives in various fields to generate veneers onto the uppers.

However, as you will all be aware, this ltd edition collab project idea has now been around for years and is somewhat flooded in the market place.

I wanted to pose the question to you all: do you believe that there is still merit and credibility in the co-creation concept resulting in ltd runs and considered roll out?

Naturally this will depend on who is selected as co-creator, I am just thinking about the Macro/ bigger picture of collabs.

Do you guys still get it, is it compelling, is exciting, do you want it etc?


Occasionally they grab me - Mihara for Puma, the McQueen stuff, The Nike Newson shoe, but more often they dissappoint me (some of the Stella for Adidas shoes didn’t even fit, for instance), but I’ve really had enough of Dunk plus a.n.other artist collab for $$$. Its boring. in fact I can’t believe it’s still got milage but perhaps its because I’m female that I don’t understand. :laughing:

I think at this point point it has to be unique and genuine. The Newson and McQueen examples are good examples of taking the expertise of a company and creativity of a designer to deliver something above expectations.

yep, the XX vs. YYY vs. ZZZ collab thing is well played out. Still, no doubt there is always a market for dreck. (just check for proof, or better yet Half the collabs now honestly look like a first pullover where the fty pics random material selections to make the pattern. (that or a half trained monkey) :slight_smile:

That said, there is still, I believe room for original inspiration of designers, artists, etc.

The key to all these things however is knowing the market and having the distribution. It’s not so much anymore (i believe in graphics , patterns, or materials), but as design and construction.

Any idiot can clone an AF1/dunk and put some crazy colors or graphics on it. The best i’ve seen though remains in the pure design realm and even better those who understand footwear design, markets and production.

I’d for sure be interested in hearing more about the prospective project though, PM me if you like, Greg.



Thanks for your thoughts guys, much appreciated and echoed what I hear from edge market guys through to friends removed from the industry.

How about now if I flip it and gave the consumer the option to be co-designer. Does that become a compelling story?

Obviously you can open up a world of hurt for a brand as some ugly stuff can materialise. I am not talking colour change or material choice but actual veneering and the ability to have a freedom of design with graphic direction. (some sort of framework would need to be in place)

Some of collabs mentioned above are great however they often involve new tools, patterns, material buy ins etc. I am looking at how to work within in mass produced framework but yet allow the consumer to interact beyond adding type or colour change.

Rich when I get a few minutes will mail you, be good for a catch up