The Art of Negotiation

I would like to know some of the points a freelance designer should negotiate for. For example, if the opportunity is in a city that one has to fly to or stay for long periods of time should he/she negotiate flight, car rental and extended stay into the contract. Are there any other perks or needs that one might want to negotiate into a contract that is important.

If you are undertaking a trip AT THE REQUEST OF your client then travel fares, meals (while traveling), car rental, hotel accommodations, telephone and other communications charges, photocopies … should be billed to the client. You should make it clear to them at the outset that this WILL BE the case … it isn’t really a “negotiated” thing.

If you don’t, YOU will pay for them … which kinda puts it into the realm of a hobby, in my opinion. It’s an expensive way to look for work.

On the other hand, if you are going to Anytown, USA, to do “jobshop” work, i.e., you accept a long term contract to work for a company in their, office, using their materials, their shop facilities, their communications equipment… then I’d say NO. It’s part of the cost of life; transportation, food, shelter, etc.

That said, it never hurts to ask…

a clarification:

I draw a distinct line between “freelance” and “job shopper”.

My definition of “freelancer” is, one that is essentially self-employed. That being the case, one has overhead expenses to cover and billing the client is an understood.

I would classify an individual that goes to work for a contracted period of time, for another comany, in their facility, as a temporary or “job shop” employee, whose “overhead” is getting to work in the morning, eating 3 squares a day, and having a roof over their head… like any other employee.

I appreciate the advice you have given.