The Art of Complex Problem Solving

Found this the other day - thought it would be great to share for not only the science but for the graphical elements.


It is nice, a bit too busy though. A classic book format could be easier to read.

A “problem” is always a complex one, wether it is a technical one or it involves ‘soft’ factors. Otherwise it would be just a “task”. A problem is possibly unsolvable (and this has to be communicated to the client :sunglasses: ).
Next aspect: The iterative process of problem solving is missed out. There is a “feedback” slope, but it should be explained, that the process has to be refined during the current project and not in the next project. Then it is already too late.

Question for the grizzled veterans - How common is a process of this sort? How honest of a representation is this of how companies actually work in practice?

It is common, but it is only necessary if a real “problem” has to be solved, not a standard-task. But nobody blames you for performing some bogus creativity brainstorming bullshit, just to sell a standard solution from your catalogue/out of the drawer in the end.