The Art Institute of Philadelphia

The Art Institute of Philadelphia. It’s way overpriced, and it’s an organization (for lack of a better term) which seems like it was created by a bunch of guys who got together in a basement one day and just said: “Hey, why don’t we start a business and call it a design school?!! I’m sure we can sell tons of fluff!!” The fact that it’s a chain speaks volumes.

sounds like most design schools - and the IDSA sounds the trumpet in their newsletter every time there’s another school offering ID - yahoo 30 more graduates per year to flood the market, I would venture to guess there are more design students in school right now than there are practicing in the field.

I go to the AIPH, i really think most of the ID professors are great, and they are practicing professionals, but i agree that it has horrible organization problems. I’m not sure about the price because they gave me a scholarship so i don’t have to pay tuition. I just wish that there was more competition in the school. I had no idea what i was getting myself in when i went there, i sort of regret it.

Just as an aside: are there schools wothou huge organizational problems?