The Art Institute of Colorado

I’m currently going here for Industrial and I’m just finishing my first year. I can’t say I’m very impressed with what I’ve learned so far and the teachers I’ve encountered so far are less than inspiring. The accreditation they keep speaking of never happened and even though it may not be that important I was thinking of changing schools do you think this would be wise? and has anybody else had a similar experience at AIC?

I’m with you, although I went to the AIP (Pittsburgh). What degree are you in for, an Associates or Bachelors? Consider researching other prospective schools while you finish another quarter then make your decision. Make sure your credits will transfer before jumping ship if you decide to make your move.

Good Luck!

As a local, and having been in a similar spot- perhaps I can help. AI- Colorado courses for the most part are like a black hole- things come in, but not much gets out. You’re classes, most likely won’t transfer out to most schools. Some exceptions might be beginning studio art classes and gen ed requirements… maybe. But you’re going to have to sit in the transfer office for sure to get those.

Once upon a life I walked out of that tower, and stumbled down the road (on accident). MSCD has been improving (especially since I left), has the lowest tuition of any ID school in the country, and will be what YOU make of it. There are some drawbacks, but like the flavor of most of these discussions… in the end it’s going to be about you, what you can do, and what you have shown you can do.

No program is automatic, all will take initiative. If it was only about where you go to school, the rest of us from smaller- more hands on schools will be at a disadvantage, and I don’t think we are.

Good luck, let us know what you decide.

Thanks for replying I’m currently enrolled in the bachelors program but I bring with me all my gen-ed courses from another school. I’m more interested in product or furniture rather than trans. I realize probably more than others in my program that it definitely requires you to take charge of your own education and get what you can out of it. Having said that though I feel as long as I’m gonna be teaching myself and if every program is similar in this aspect I might as well go to a reputable school were the teachers are or maybe were actually designers at some time and the students are going to push me to explore new ideas. The real problem might be the quarter system makes it hard to come up with projects you might actually want to put in your portfolio. People seem to like the things I come up with but it seems this is because the rest of the students don’t apply themselves and my projects are just the shinny peanut in the collective pile of poop. A term we have come to know as clap for crap. It seems to me that AIC is really expensive but comparable to some of the schools listed in the discussions as the top five. I think I will continue with another quarter and try to put together a portfolio to get into a better school and I’m gonna take your advise and check out metro as well. Thanks really thats some good advice.

Thanks- and don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to like about AIC. As you mentioned, you’ll have to guide yourself through no matter where you go. I remember the clap for crap… it happens everywhere probably.

Remember that it’s not really your ideas that will be important upon leaving (though usually feels good), but it’s your skill set, preferences, and PROCESS, that sets people apart.

From what I know, Metro’s furniture capabilities are superior, and so are the facilities in general. If you every want to look around, give a call down there- ask for Terry.

I just called down to metro and I’m taking a tour next week and I will have the opportunity to talk with someone from the ID department, hopefully this Terry person. Part of my concern with AIC is that the process is forgotten about in most my classes so far its more about what you can skip in order to finish. I seem to be making the same projects and using the same materials as I did in my seventh grade shop classes, just kidding, but close! Regardless I’m going ahead with another quarter to see if the classes start getting me into something actually useful. Did you graduate from metro? Thanks again

Apparently I spoke two soon. My new teachers are actually really good and some of them are working designers that are busy with jobs when they are not teaching. Maybe it was just those first year fundamental/ pre/ introduction classes that were really un-challenging that I had to get through to get to the meat of the program because Ive learned more in the first few weeks of this semester than the others combined. I suppose it was really my fault for not testing out of those classes. Just thought I would clear that up. Sorry AIC, Just thought I would clear that up.