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Eight million unwanted animals are given to shelters across the U.S. every year; over 4 million animals a year are put to death in the U.S. because they are abandoned or unwanted.

The Animal Rescue Site has been providing food to animal shelters across the U.S. for eight years. They obtain pet food from the various feed manufacturers based on “donations” by visitors to the web site; at the rate of .6 cups of feed per hit. Their traffic volume has been lower than normal this year, for whatever reason, and they need help. All you have to do is click on the Click Here to Give - It’s Free button. You can do it as often as you like, and like it says, it’s free.

You can also subscribe to a daily e-mail reminder to “click” their website HERE.

We all, or at least most of us, have had, and lost, pets in our lives. So do this for every lost or frightened dog, kitten, cat, or puppy that you’ve ever seen on the streets.

Pass this on to a few friends, and remind them that it’s free.

Thanks, Lew

About the Animal Rescue Site

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with this organization, other than that of a “daily clicker”.
Admission: I’m a total softy when it comes to animals.


I endorse this message. :smiley:
I have three rescues currently and would own more if I could. Maybe if I move out to the country on a farm…



Maybe there should be a “click here to take away food from people who acquire animals and then abandon them, and give it to the pets instead”-button…

Love that site!!!

  • I want to put it out there many shelters are starting to implement “Crisis Housing” to help people who otherwise might have to make the decision to abandon their pet due to financial need.