The Academy of Art , San Fran is a good school to go (ID)

The Academy of Art , San Fran is a good school to go?
I plan to take ID in next january
I don’t have much information about this school so please give me some information if u guys know

Not in my opinion, no. You should do a searchof these forums, as this has school has been discussed numerous times already.

yeah…The Academy of Art University is lame. But, if you want to blow a ton of money and not get a decent education, then it’s aces!

I’m not a basher, but I just talked to someone that worked there, and basically they said the place was awful. It’s one opinion, but I’ve never heard or read anything but negative comments about the school. So maybe there is some truth there.

Don’t bash my school. If you suck, it is because it’s you. Don’t blame the school.

i’ve seen some innovative award winning projects come out of there in the past couple years… but for whatever reason(s), it is not highly recommended (by visitors of core77)

Doesn’t change the fact that the school sucks. Sure individuals have done some award winning stuff, but those who did would have probadly have done so anywhere, I wouldn’t attribute that to the Academy. It is more about real estate than it is about art education.

The school has nice facilities, a good lineup of faculty, is in a great location and is relatively inexpensive. Maybe it did suck but it seems like things have really improved in the past couple years (esp. with Tom Matano!)

I have a friend that works there too…and they say that it is hella nasty! And, as the earlier person wrote, it totally is all about real estate…


if you got to advertise on tv, probably not so good.

also, look at the calander they send you…

get a degree not a certificate

Yes, the school has its issues. It also has its benefits. It is in San Francisco. It has practicing designers as faculty. The program is run by one of the most talented designers/Design managers in the world.

It’s primary focus is competing in the automotive industry. Each semester the undergraduate program in car design keeps getting stronger. It has the only required trans interiors course in the world. The class sizes are small (6-8 typically).

The most consistant industry feedback we get is that the work is not the cookie cutter stuff you see at CCS and Art Center.

The issues.
1.The school has an open admission policy. The up side of this is that underqualified students get in and have a chance to prove themselves. The down side of this is that some of those students are LAZY and don’t prove themselves. The students who can read, have a base knowledge of drawing and a personal drive to succeed are finding great jobs at companies like Pentagram and Fuseproject, Nissan, Peugot, and Hyundai. Unfortunately, as faculty, we really can’t help the dumbasses who don’t put in the time and effort.

  1. The school relies too much on adjunct faculty. Because there is such a high percentage of adjunct faculty, the curriculum can be a bit uneven. All of the full time faculty are trans guys.

Product development for heavy manfacturing is different in process and culture and process than most of the design work happening in the US today. As a result, I think there is a bit of a disconnect between the process we teach and the reality.

  1. The limited amount of rapid prototyping equipment. The program is teaching an increasingly digital workflow, but our rapid prototyping equipment is to slow to really make this an interative process. More equipment has been requested, but the P.O. has yet to be cut.

I think they have improved quite a bit in the past few years. Atleast it is getting better and their stuff is among the better student prohects when compared to other Bay Area design programs.

I think in general, the student work in terms of studio-type ID: SJSU and Academy are the top 2 in the Bay Area.

Then there’s Stanford, CCAC, and SFSU…which seem a bit less mainstream ID and have their own unique focus or take on design.