The absolute latest in innovation - The Care of Smart Homes


Ambient Technologies, a Montreal-based artificial intelligence company is trying to make its mark in the fields of interior designing and architecture. ( I know that there is a HUGE market for these products, and I am trying to contact the proper customers and get our ‘name’ out to people.

Any ideas or feedback on the marketing or the technology itself? I’d love to hear more.

when i was in domus academy i did my final thesis with andrea branzi on a similar project. my room had a bed that you could activate to do many things including light control when going to sleep and getting up, a cover that had a lattice of monitors built-in that could also be used for other functions like creative work, communication, internet, etc. a shower that could switch to a laundry machine using a modular tray and water system, a sofa with internal flex tubes that had a ball rolling on a groove between the sitting and back panel which acted as a mouse for temperature control, recline, visuals, and other interactive function.

i also designed a guitar that could turn into a weapon.

show me this blessed guitar and i’ll get one off you… also with regard to my question… you didn’t answer jack.

Skip my last reply. I looked up, and am going to try and contact Mr. Branzi…

don’t bother with alessi. his studio address in milan is via derganino 18a. you can call the milan operator and ask for his studio phone.

if you talk to him tell him i’ll hopefully be on time for that interesting project he wanted.

as for the guitar i guess you gotto wait a bit because it’s kinda expensive to make right now.

Christ mayank, if you had to look up Alessi and still thaught that was the way by which to contact Branzini?..well maybe you should get a new line of work!

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Literacy should be a pre-requisite to writing on this site. I’m sure one as uneducated as you, is about as good at giving advice as he is with his spelling. (thaught)

If you feel like being sarcastic, I suggest you go pick on someone else, if you have something positive to write, do it, otherwise put a leash on that mouth of yours. I asked for help because I needed advice and help. Now I know if I need dumb, retarded comments I need to contact you.

Hard as it is to believe, I’m sure you’ll come up with something dumber to write after this posting, so I’m not sure why I am wasting my time by even replying to your inarticulate, simple-minded, ‘village’ thoughts. To reiterate, muzzle up unless you have something of consequence to say, which judging by your miniscule IQ, you won’t.

Have a nice day.

My line of work has absolutely NOTHING to do with architecture and interior designing, which is why I don’t know of Alessi. I appreciate your reply, but please try to keep the sarcasm out of things. I was pissed off when I read your reply, hence the previous posting.

are you french?

Yet again you’ve outdone yourself. Amazing how you just don’t stop. Mayank isn’t a French name… so go figure.

As for the deeper meaning behind that sentence… I guess it was a waste to try and explain how I was pissed off.

Are you getting stupider by the minute?

andrea speaks french fluently.

so do I

mayank, who are you replying to? and to quote a man smarter than most… “Oh be nice”

Father is a home devloper and contractor who recently put a “smart system” in houses in a housing devlopment he helped build.

clients loved the idea in theroy. apprently it was linked up like and alarm system and intercom system sensing who was in rooms, turning lights off if some one forgot, raising/lowering temps basing on room occupancy movement etc. fairly simple, fully programmible and automated. Not overly robust, just a few simple functions designaed and planned to help save electricity heating cost etc.

Every one of the new buyers either switched the “smart system” to manual or had it removed. said it was easier to maually switch things on and off, to little customization available, just a down right pain in the ass and quite creepy. In short it was a very bad idea. Seems that people didn’t like to give up control of things.

not sure if it was the system itself or teh houses used, or the occupants but It really was anegative experience for most. luckily my father’s co was not sued or didn’t lose money on it, they just didn’t install it the rest of the houses. the distributor and manufacturer took a financial bath.

congratulations, you just got your ‘name’ out to the design community and came off as a complete ass.

you’re the director of R&D of this company and you get that upset over a couple tame comments? good luck with that business…

then you mock people of their grammar when you use the word ‘stupider’? If you’re going to be that particular, ‘literacy’ and spelling are not synonymous.

welcome to core. thanks for coming.


smart systems are used for offices because those buildings are not always up 24 hours. but a household or residential unit is constantly in use ; can’t use such a system.
wireless or remote devices in home should have the capability to be accessible and easy to use.

I dont think Mayank is coming back to core any time soon.

OK… I apologize to everyone! I’m sorry I took those comments badly. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, its just been a rough couple of days and again, I am sorry.

Thanks for the input with regard to the smarthome system experience. That is useful, but can you tell me if that was limited to X-10 technology?

I’ll try and keep my cool next time guys… in particular sorry to UFO.


The system that we have going has a office/commercial space part as well.

Let me give you a rough idea of what it would be like::

The client would enter his/her house using a biometrics fingerprint reader (keys can be replaced, forgotten, lost, copied etc.). The house would immediately customize the lights to his/her liking (if no one else is at home). The house would then go on to tell the person if he has any messages (voice/email) and also read out loud any reminders (mom’s birthday, taking medicine etc.)

Meanwhile, the tea kettle would automatically switch on in the kitchen and 5 minutes later the house would announce that the tea was done. The house also would take care of anything forgotten on the stove etc.

It also has modes, such as night mode in which all the doors/windows are automatically locked and the alarm mode is triggered, meanwhile the lights in the master bedroom go on and the lights in the passage-way go on so the person can go to bed. The other modes can include guest, safety, romantic etc. These are customizable to the customer’s liking.

The house also has power saving modes like switching on/off the lights/fans/ac in a room when there isn’t anyone there and switching it on as soon as someone enters.

The user also has the capabilities to access the house remotely (very secure) and control most of the gadgets from there, including video cameras for surveillance etc.

So basically what I’m trying to say is that the SmartHome System isn’t limited to X10 in which the user can control various devices at the press of a button.

Also, just about a week back, there were 2000 apartments built with the ‘SmartHome’ Package by a similar company. The project was estimated at a cool 500,000 USD, so I do think there is potential.

Sorry about my earlier rantings again… I hope it isn’t too late to take back all my stupidities. Thanks.

“smart systems are used for offices because those buildings are not always up 24 hours. but a household or residential unit is constantly in use ; can’t use such a system.”

blanket statement. not sure i agree. offices usually cycle, but so do homes. add in single people. overtime. overseas job travel. all getting worse. and more office workers spending later hours at the job. how many offices are open 24 hours. “graveyard shift” is not a new term.

how about some recent study to back this up?