The A' design award competition

Has anyone ever participated or win in the A’ design award competition? I saw it here on the competition page and was thinking of joining until I saw that even though the competition is open to students and professionals the entry processing fee seem to be 375 €…? could that be right? it seems a bit high especially considering there is no Cash prize whatsoever. I wonder if the prize of recognition is really that valuable (is the competition that prestigious? )

Can anyone share insights or past experience?

Thank you!

A couple of months ago I did go through the submission process, but due to a major manufacturer releasing a product very similar to mine (I had no idea they were even developing it, but I could have guessed), I decided the entry fee wasn’t worth it. What was impressive though, was the pre-judging that they do. Once you upload your design, they basically take a look at it, tell you what you can improve, and tell you what award (if any) you’re likely to receive. I found out that I was likely to receive one of their higher-tier awards, but I still didn’t want to go through with it due to the seeming lack of originality in my concept now that a major company had released a similar product. Can’t comment on the value of the award, though I am thinking of submitting in the future if I have a truly innovative design that I want some publicity for.

The advantage of the A Award is that you don’t have to pay any fees if you do win. For example, if you win an IF award there are more than $2k in fees you have to then pay, on top of the entry fee of several hundred USD. The entry cost is fairly reasonable to0, at around ( £200GBP/$300USD for the earlybird.

For me, that’s a good model for an award - you don’t have to be a larger company or independently wealthy to afford to win.

I’ve seen many designers enter the A Award over here, and the firm I work at has won several too.

Thank you guys!

awjj- I understand how you feel…same thing happen to me with a product I designed and then a couple of years later saw it being made by bigger company (looking different but same concept) it’s a bummer… :slight_smile:

Travisimo, would you say the fees are worth the awards (in case one wins)? considering there is no cash prize?

Does anyone knows that the exposure of a design in such a competition can really be so valuable? I mean, is it useful? to be perfectly honest, it’s just a personal project that I really believe in, (I also got US regional shortlisted at the James Dyson Award in 2011 with it ) and I never felt the effect of this unfortunately… but at least the Dyson award is free…

Anyways, I would love to hear more input!

Oh, I’d check if submissions can be previously published or if they have to be fresh. Some competitions require the project to be from that year.


I checked and you can submit previously winning designs. It’s the fee vs. value I am worried about…

Hey LEH,

I actually won a Platinum Award this year for a design of mine - pretty awesome Gala ceremony you are invited to if you win in Como Italy…I wasnt able to make it (Bummed!) but it was a neat thing to receive the award and be recognized.

I didnt actually enter my stuff, I was nominated to enter it so cant speak to the costs.

The exposure was okay - it was a bit hard to gauge as our company also pushed our own PR. It is always cool to say you won an Italian Design Award though.

I wouldnt rank it up there with IF or Red Dot

Hey Kershaw,

WOW Congrats first of all! So cool! :slight_smile:
and thanks for sharing it helps a lot!
The cost was 375 Euro…I am really poor right now so I wonder if this would be a good way to spend my money…
I uploaded my design and one of their jury process graded it 8 out of ten. I got an email from them telling me that means I have a good chance to win a silver or bronze award and even suggested what I can do to improve my presentation to get even better score/chance. I really believe in the udea but afraid to spend my money that way.
Anyways I will not have the money to go to Italy anytime soon (just bought a crazy new computer! )

What I really want to know is if I would really have a chance to sell my design that way or get recognition for it enough so it’s more than a trophy on my shelf…?

I would pass for that price.