The '80's wedge

My memories of the Subaru XT have started me thinking of the '80’s wedge. It seems as though the wedge was to the '80’s what streamlining was to the '30’s or fins to the '50’s.

Subaru XT

Dome Zero concept car

Dome Le Mans race car

Honda Prelude

Lamborghini Countach

Lotus Esprit

Curious: Does anyone have a favorite wedge car? I’m also curious if their were some oddball European or Japanese cars that I might not know about.

Also, btw, I still think the Subaru XT is one of the ugliest cars I’ve ever seen. It’s just so unique…weird.

I can probably answer two of your questions with just one car:

Volvo 480 Turbo, same combo like I had it back in the day.


70s wedges had more class :slight_smile:

Lancia Stratos

and the concept Stratos Zero

Countach is, without question, one of my all time favorite cars. I had countless posters on my bedroom walls.

My folks had a white Mr2 in the 80s, definitely one of my favorite cars of all time.

My dad traded it in for a new one in 93, still has it in nearly pristine condition.


mo-i: I have seen the Volvo before, but forgot it was so wedgy. Wow!

Simon: TVR…good taste!

Masterblaster: I think you are right. Those early concept cars were great, but could never make it to production.

Can’t forget this!


Ferrari Testarossa

Alfa Carabo

Honda CRX

Toyota Celica

As a kid, I ran across the Vector before the Countach, so it’s usually in my mind first.


The amazing thing about these cars (OK, just one of the amazing things, I love all these rides) is that even though they are very crisp, I doubt there is a true straight line on them. All very large curves that give the impression of straight lines. But if they were truly straight I guarantee they would look sunken in.

I was always a fan of the diagonal lined Nissan Pulsar taillights. One of the cooler things to come out of the wedge era…

don’t forget about these guys! (sorta wedge-ish)

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Stratos and the rx-7 wedges!

not so much yay for Porsche 944 rip offs… though the original wasn’t so hot either…


lol, not the rx7 vs. 944 debate! :wink:

I didn’t know one existed. Just commenting on first glance of pics. My dad had a 944 for a bit, bought from a colleague and as I recall it was garbage. It was his winter car and maybe AWD (I dunno) leaked everywhere it could leak and had tons of electrical issues. I remember the interior carpet also looked like a cheap 80s condo. All I know is he made sure to sell it 1 month before I got my drivers license.


Ah, all the vw guys around here love the 944’s, my friend had one in high school, it needed a 600 wrench to do a timing belt change…months later he sold it and bought a miata.

As for the rx7s, their looks grow on you, but aren’t the first reason you love them. when my best friend showed up the day I got my drivers license with his 83 gsl-se with a draw through turbo setup (yup it was carbed) and four new hoosiers, I was hooked. so light, so rev happy, and so balanced!

I loved Vector Aeromotive too. There had to be some kind of money laundering behind that company.

Cizeta. I only know this one from Gran Turismo. Crazy design though.

Is it just me, or do some of these not count. The Testerossa, 2nd gen RX7, Celica aren’t wedge enough for me.

The “80s” wedge…!!!

Don’t forget the Triumph TR7.



and subsequent V8 powered TR8, 1978-1981