The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Industrial Designers

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I’m running a weekly series where I will post one of the 7 habits of highly effective Industrial Designers. Would appreciate all your feedback.

Mondays habit is here:…signers-monday/

Tuesday is also up with Wednesday in a few hours.

Thanks in advance for all feedback given.

Nice job lingmiester.

From Monday’s column;

…Positive thinking and looking for ways around things is the key.

I’m a big believer of this. Designers are naturally critical of the world around them and it’s easy to come out of school with an attitude that’s anti-everything-that’s-ever-been-made. But this malcontent position in a workplace can REALLY BRING EVERYONE ELSE DOWN!

Being critical is an important attribute, but having the balls to believe everything is solvable is invaluable (I call it optimism, some call it denial…)

hahha paulH,

Thanks for your comments. Some times us designers can be so damn negative! I guess we are just snags!

Please do keep in touch! BTW thursday’s habit is up as well.

nice idea lingmiester.

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thanks for the vote of confidence! BTW the entire 7 habits are up!

In holland we got a tv program called best idea of the netherlands. Its for everybody who got a now invention of idea and try to win the competitions. Bit like Idols but with inventions. Allot of idea are made for problems they created for them self. Allot of most silly idea and allot of stuff that already exist.

Been thinking of joining the contest but the winners are all product with non working prototype or are very electrical base things. First winner was a big size controller that acts a bit like a skippyball. First of all way to big for a controller and would been way expensive and wierd controls too.

Second winner was a chip money to chip transfer for people who use chip to carry money around and want to give some to a friend or something. But it won’t work cause the money is not on the chip in real world cause it is on the banks network. And need too cant be very small. Look at package orders company who carry big pin/chip devices.
Plus nobody i know got money on there chip card they just use hard cash or pins it.
And everybody know we be paying stuff with the mobile phones so wouldnt really help that much to bring that on the market.

Problem solving is pretty hard, cause first you do need to find the problem. Great designers need to go into the open world, yes out side of your house and bedroom to find problems in the world and solve it.

Somehow at the design school over half of the classes are geeks who play mmorpg whole day and night no idea what is happening to the world around.