The 3 Dudes Gone 3D Add

Am I the only one that this is annying!!! It keeps poping up and then starts playing on my PC while am reading through the page. If you could turn it off so it did not play everyting the mouse went over it that would be great but it is really annoying add.

guess you missed my post … … ( see page 2 ) NEW Saab 9-2 is a re-badge Subaru Inpreza

We posted within three minutes of each other.


emphasis added

Use Firefox, then put in the add-on called “adblock plus”. I seriously had no idea what you guys were talking about until I turned mine off. ABP blocks all of those banner ads, knock out osama for a free ring tone, etc…, you’ll never see them again.

I also hate it. It pops up and is in your face constantly. And it auto turns on my speakers somehow.

They should have to pay extra to advertise this way.

Pay extra?

They should not be allowed to advertise this way at all. Period.

The “Play Trailer Now” button on the banner is obviously not operating correctly.

FIX IT or DIE! :smiling_imp: :imp: :smiling_imp: :imp: :smiling_imp:

I am in full agreement with LMO.

Websites should be cognizant of the intrusion their advertisers are inflicting on their users.

I concur!


Yeah!!! :imp: :smiling_imp: :imp:

extremely annoying…

Do I detect a boycott?

Nah. … just another lonnnnnggggg thread. . …

Can’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg, and all that… … . . :wink:

I guess thats true. But i bet it be delicious.

I also didn’t know what you guys were talking abut, if you are using a mac and safari, you can block all pop ups. just press (control)(shift)(k), it stays that way in perpetuity until you press the keystroke again.

Macs, the best… :unamused:

I’ll quit whining now … I finally broke down and added “adblock plus” to my Mozilla suite. I hate having to modify my computer to alleviate an annoyance.

It’s just that whenever I add something “good” to this PC, something else “bad” comes of it … or so it seems. I wonder if there’s a “something-bad-won’t-happen” add-on?

Mac ‘n’ cheese is the best… . … 'specially using penne and English cheddar. :sunglasses:

I sort of like it, kinda funny. Although, it’s only popped up on me a few times… I can’t say I like dumplings very much though…

I think I’ve worked with Kish.

What I love is how this “lovable” ad has turned us all into SW haters in a week. Give that ad agency a raise!

The only site I’ve ever had any problem with is if I was downloading something off of zshare. They make you disable it (which is really easy to do temporarily). Other than that, I’ve had no problems using it for the past year or so. It’s also good for your kids computer to keep them from clicking on those fake ads for anti-spyware software that actually infects your computer when you click on it.

What I love is how this “lovable” ad has turned us all into SW haters in a week.

yeah, kinda like the new GM adverts. … . . … . … :neutral_face:

this is hilarious, especially because while I was reading this thread, I rolled over and activated the damn thing three times, and once while I was typing this post… that was two.