The 1 of 3 concept problem

Aren’t you special.

Please show me exactly where I wrote what you attribute to me in quotes. Strawman arguments are really sad.

As for meaningful work, mine has saved thousands of lives, I’m OK with that.

Like everything else, consultant/client relationships exist on a spectrum.

The only constant is the golden rule: “The people with the gold make the rules.”

That could be the client or the consumer.

At the end of the day, you have to deliver what the customer (client or consumer), correctly or not, deems as “right.”

The client could shoot down a product that would be commercially successful based on your knowledge and expertise. You may disagree with their definition of what is “right.”

Unfortunately for you, they won’t care. They make the rules.

Different clients will have different rules or metrics for success, ie. a medical device company will probably have a narrower scope around the deliverable than a fashion brand might.

If you already have a level of trust with the client they may be more open to ideas that push the boundary of what they’re asking for or the brief may be more open-ended.

Ideally, they’d be open to any of your ideas because they hired you for exactly that.

However; whatever you propose eventually has to fit into their defined metrics of success.

If you want to foster trust, find the fastest possible way to show your client that, because of your expertise, you have a proven track record of bringing financially and commercially successful products to market.

Trust is fickle. There’s no shortcut to building it & years can be undone in a moment.