that's funny...

we’re so over analytical of ourselves and others…

i’m a marketing major beave…not an english guru. but if you get my meaning, then it was worth it. and perhaps it was meant to be “sole”, as i can see comparing a shoe just the same. it doesn’t matter much to me.

but if it makes people happy (as it seems) to degrate, self manipulate and throw each other under the bus…then so be it.

i’m a good person and i know it. i wish we could all just get along… :mrgreen:

ur fat as well

thanks guest!

i love you too :wink:

Are you in Boston area?

you two should meet at the MFA and make out stroking each other’s prima markers

MC, I read your last posting about boston, that make this post, the funiest shit I’ve ever read here. :laughing: in a good way, don’t take it wrong


I use copic, with refills.

i’ll probably never find anyone from texas on here…

texas? just stick to BBQ… leave the design to northerners

man that was mean, you should be more tolerant

it’s cool, southerners have a good sense of humor…

look at the way they dress.

lol jk


Well that’s really mature. Way to judge people.