That was a damn good game!!!!

Pistons VS Heat game 7. The first half was fast, lots of action. Pistons finally held it together and took the victory. Can’t wait for the finals.

That was a fuking amazing game. I got a lil nerveous with Detroit in the last 4 mins it was too close.

Nate I am sure you are feeln this one its a hard loss an wades health was a factor although he did make some careless errors in the second half.

the Finals will be good an both teams match up well.

Tore my heart out. Great game though. The Pistons continue to prove why they’re the champs…

No big deal Nate, there’s still next year!

cow, go put on a red sox cap

zip yur trap cow molester…you can’t fool us int thinking you are an actual red blooded sports fan…stop trying too hard…geek! BTW…who says “victory”

someone hates cow for some reason

so guys what are the predictions?

I have been going for the pistons- still go’n an would like to see them repeat. I think its bad too with all this media on Larry Brown an his off season choices. it didnt seem to bother the pistons in the last series but in the finals I am sure they will continue to cover it.

I also hate how abc is running these games TNT an espn are better an I have a feeling I am going to hear Tom Tulbert running the game an I cant stand tht dude-he acts like he was a player in the L-when really he didnt do anything(kept bench warm an collected the balls after practice). nothing beats the ol NBA on NBC. an the melody that they had to start it up-

If the pistons can take 1 of the 2 then that is good an then they will be playing the next three at home (set up for finals is 2(spurs home)-3(detroits)-2(spurs)) I think detroit will play alot better at home-more comfortable an turn the ball over less. I think the series will still end up going 6-7 games.

Mcow-if you still at ccs-over the summer u should check out some of the games-tickets probably hard to get (good ones atleast) put when they are away you can go to the pallace an watch. my brother did that last yr an said it wasnt bad.



y’sir… PISTONS will win it all. They just “play the right way”, and NO distraction can keep them from retaining thier CHAMPIONSHIP BELT.