That DAM Fan!

aka the Dyson Air Multiplier

Hubless concepts rule (easy to clean, mechanical design simplicity), especially when made a reality.

I can see this form influencing a new age of offshore wind generators.

I heard that there’s a problem on its acoustic design. It produce a noise pollution due to the engine on that canister.

Cool technology, and it’s a much cleaner design than any of their other stuff. But, for $299 it might as well be sold in Hammacher Schlemmer, and other Air Mall magazines.

Hopefully it’s not as completely ridiculous as the Dyson Ball (I mean, who vacuum’s that way?)

now, can this fan Pivot? According to the Dyson Ball commercial, it seems that Pivoting is essential if you want to change the world.

HAHAHAHA!! I don’t see 4 fixed wheels, but it does look like it will tip over very very easily at the hands of a 3 year old.

I have to say, on the level of necessity, this is a big FAIL. However, as a product design, it’s very promising to me. Dyson has always had a very design before price edict in their products. Their vacuum isn’t that much better than anything else costing half as much (sometimes worse), but it’s unique and special. This fan is the same thing. Unique and special with a huge mark-up. I hope it does well & I hope it inspires other companies to try to be more ambitious rather than wait to find something to copy.

I think the design would be way for effective as an I-Phone app.

Cool technology and nice design.

So…someone that can’t afford air conditioning can afford a $299 fan, got it.

Now, make a ceiling fan version and that might be worth $299-$499.

The breeze from a fan has never bothered me. To me this product didn’t need to be designed. Just like the Dyson Ball.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool piece of technology and a ceiling fan or wind generator could use this for better results I think. Today’s Coretoon hits the nail squarely on the head.

I concur. Fans historically haven’t really ever posed any problems or threats to my knowledge. Of all the things out in the world known and unknown…why would a company essentially waste time and money developing something like this. I guess I just dont understand the business model. Design for the sake of design?!

I don’t really get the backlash on this, esp. coming from designers. It has some cool new tech, does address issues with current fans (choppy air and safety), and looks great while doing it (BTW, it does swivel and tilt).

$300 for a fan is not ridiculous. If you can buy a lamp at ikea for $15, but can also get a nice designer lamp (Tizio, Artemide, etc.) for $500+ and the function isn’t even any difference and nobody complains, why all the hate on Dyson?

At least this thing looks good. His other products look like they were designed by a 8 year old with a Lego Technics set and bag of Crayolas…


I’m with R - I don’t get the backlash on this one, either. I appreciate it for several reasons.

1 - It looks beautiful.
2 - The technology will probably catalyze further developments that may be more useful than ‘a s3xy fan.’ The Sydney Opera House was a bazillion dollars and and many years over budget, but it fostered many develpments that are now commonplace in construction.
3 - Does any device indicate that reality is approaching the Star Trek universe more than this?

Only if I could use this to teleport to an alternate universe.

Baby steps, baby steps…

After visiting the Dyson web site, I have to say the main story is being easy-to-clean and safer. Those two features in a beautiful package are an accomplishment in themselves.

Well put. I am not a “fan” of it. Aesthetically it is super minimal (which I like) but being minimal it is all about detail resolution, and the little vents and control knobs just don’t look super well done to me. Would like to test it out. Seems cool (I’m on a roll) but fans are not something I really needed improving upon (but then again I have central air).

That said, I’m glad it’s out there. Think of it as the fan version of the Dualit toaster (which I do have).

My backlash stems from asking the question, “Is this really necessary right now?”. It’s safer and easier to clean, is that worth $299, safer and easier to clean should be considerations put into the design of any fan whether it is $15 or $299, do those benefits require a premium? This is a status symbol Sharper Image novelty that brings happiness to the few that will shell the $299 to show it off, is that good design? Or is bringing happiness to to many with good design of a product people actually need and use while still being affordable.

The Air Blade hand dryer is a great design to this end, it’s too bad Dyson’s taken the 180 here with a gimmick product, seems like a backwards strategy to me, the tech already existed.

sorry guys, but I kinda like it, though I concede it is walking that fine line where I could see it in “Airmall.” It’s an over complex tech toy gadget at a premium price. If I could buy a battery powered one, I’d hang that bad boy around my neck and wear it all summer, staying cool without those annoying neck cuts.

If flava flav can, then you can. I’m sure you could rig up a battery pack…

The idea is brilliant and has lots of potential. I presume they patented the whole idea already so I think Dyson is making the smart move to slowly cash in on the idea step by step.

They can take the idea and make it into an air purifier instead. But if they do that first, they won’t be able to sell the fans at the current price.

Perhaps even further into the future, they’ll make it into a wind generator or a particle accelerator like the ones in the movie “Contact”.

Does it look good?


Is it completely different from everything else out there?


Are there many companies willing to let loose so bold a product at the moment?


All in all, thumbs up to Dyson I say.