thanks to all

thanks to all

I would view your portfolio on computer screen with a high resolution. I can’t read the type on some of the images. (project 3,)

The photos of the projects are weak. They don’t tell me much about the product. Add the fact that you have not added informative descriptions. Basically you are making me work to hard to figure out what I am looking at. What is that sungear thing?

Sorry to be so harsh but its better you find out now.

why do you have a “upon request” in the overview section?
it’s better to leave it blank if you don’t have any info to put in there.

considering you have your complete address and contact info listed, having the “upon request” part is like asking potential clients/employers to contact you to find out if you are interested in work.

you have to give some info on what your are looking for , or use the section as a little spiel to sell yourself. :neutral_face: