thank you- you helped me !

Hi All !
About a month ago I asked a few questions regarding sketching skills and books on sketching… and I was really really scared and had a huge problem with my drawing and sketching skills.

I just wanted to thank you all, I bought rapid viz and it really helped boost my confidence and I’m getting there… drawing and drawing and drawing… and sketching… and I am really happy… I’m getting better with time and practice… and I really think I’m improving.

So… thanks ! You guys really helped me !


you’re welcome. now shut your yap and get back to drawing.

cool! Post some sketches!

That’s good news, keep rockin’.

you may have heard of this already,…but I highly recommend
the gnomon workshop dvd series…if you’re just beginning or need a
refresher, the scott roberson,vol1 basic perspective form drawings is
absolutely fantastic.

get to it!

I think if the school don’t have one faculty that can help you on improving your sketching skills, let along having to rely on external resources, then you should seriously consider transfering.

Technical skills like sketching and computer related ones are the few things a school can actually teach. Of course initiative and practise are what complete the package.