Thank you, President Bush!


Bush had rejected a deal offered by Democrats and some moderate Republicans that would have extended the tax cuts for one year and paid for them by closing various corporate tax loopholes. He held out instead for a five-year extension in a gamble that opposition would lessen as lawmakers got closer to the Nov. 2 elections.

Sen. John Kerry (news - web sites), Bush’s Democratic presidential opponent, said he supported extension of the middle-class tax cuts, but he criticized inclusion of corporate tax breaks in the bill and also the refusal of Republicans to agree to Democratic efforts to go further in expanding tax relief for 4 million low-income working families.

Corporate America.

For screwing us all.

Just wait. Dubya will claim Kerry doesn’t support middle class tax breaks because he didn’t like this bill with the corporate tax gift to the wealthy included in it.

I’m a gynecologist, and I approve any message identifying the President as a draft-dodging *****.