Texture Maps in Rhino for Hypershot

Hope someone can help me out with this…I’ve been beating my head against my desk for awhile.

I am trying to appy a label as a texture map in Rhino so it can import in to Hyper shot (no real nice way to ad a label in hyper shot) the problem is I’ve made the label to size in Illustrator, but when I place it as a texture on a surface in Rhio it’s all jacked up, either a different way, backwards, upside down you name it, it does it. I’ve tried to use the XZY corr. to move it but with no luck.

Any one have a better/easier/right way to get this done?

  • Chris

As long as the label isn’t too complicated…just offset a surface by .01mm or less, the use your vector art to trim actual surfaces in Rhino. They will render like regular surfaces in HS. It’s a crappy work around but it’s reliable.

Saw a demo for Bunkspeed Hyper_Drive_ a couple days ago. It’s Bunkspeed’s full featured rendering set up program. Everything that everyone complains about in Hypershot is solved in Hyperdrive. Also much more expensive at 10,000$ Basically you set up in Hyperdrive, then render in Hypershot.