Texture mapping in Rhino, UVEditor ?!?

Hey everyone
I’m trying to texture map an object in Rhino and I found here Rhino - Sorry, we can't find that page. that Rhino 5 has something called UVEditor which will basically unwrap the surface to the XY plane, which is exactly what I need. Problem is I can’t find the command?

Does anyone have experience using this? There is another command called Unwrap that’s supposed to help with this as well that I can’t find? Maybe I have an old version of 5? I’m also running the Mac version, is that the issue?


Well if what I see is what you’re working on, maybe CreateUVCrv is all you’re looking for? Anyway, the best place for Rhino questions is the official support newsgroup.

Thanks for the reply JimC, I found the UVcWrap plugin and was find of able to figure out what I needed. Thanks UVcWrap Plug-in [McNeel Wiki]