textile designer interested in costume design/ props making


im graduated in textile design last year but have recently been trying to focus on costume design props making in a theatre environment with a view to working for film eventually.
i heard dressing is a way in to working in a wardrobe department but was wondering if there are any other ways to do do this?
as i enjoy dressing but dont feel ill be learning anything from it as it is a bit like a glorified laundry person!

ive been contacting props companies as i really enjoy making and realising things in 3d and have been doing experience in places like madame tussauds.
also does anyone know of anywhere thaetre absed that have dye rooms or print rooms as i like to utilise my textiles knowledge in this environment?

any advice would be highly appriciated, :stuck_out_tongue: thank you!
i am london based by the way