Texas to NYC

I am moving to NYC from Texas in October for a job, I don’t know anyone there. I want to move in with design people does anyone know if there is a way I can try and search something like this on the internet. Where are all the designers living!

contact me if you know anything my name is Kellee Kimbro.



Whats your monthly budget?

Thing about NYC is that you can nearly find anything/anyone… anywhere. Designers are living in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, etc, etc. Its not so segregated as it was in the past. However, are you trying to find designer roommates?

I’d say post on NYC craigslist, here (that would be really cool), or Hell, even reddit*.

*I don’t use reddit or know it very well, but everyone that I know who uses it has such amazing success stories. Job connections, living arrangements, dating. I’m still scratching my head, but damn, it seems to work great.

Get ready to start walking and talking fast, NYC sure isn’t Texas. Fun city.

^ True, you can find anything everywhere in New York, but if you are specifically looking for designers or more creative people, I’d focus your searches on Brooklyn and Manhattan. Hipster specific areas have a lot of these types so start with Williamsburg, Lower Manhattan (LES) and the East and West Villages.