Texas or Illustration... anyone?

Is anyone on here from Texas? Or is anyone on here going into Illustration or any sort of communications design?? I’d love to talk to you!!!

…i’m not from tx but i got here as fast as i could…send me a pm and we can talk if you want…

I am actually fairly interested in getting into the design down in Texas also, specifically Austin. Any information to help this would be greatly appreciated.

Right now I am located in NYC but I really want to move down there, and I don’t have a pile of money to relocate, so I would need a position first and then the move.


Design Edge
Studio RD
4d design
FROG (interactive only i think)

I worked down there for about 4 years. Lotsa cool stuff, fun town. music music music. If you are going to live in Texas, it is the only place, but its still pretty southern though. Not a huge design community but some solid firms. Lotsa gaming and 3d maya.

Thanks, although I am actually looking to break into graphics more. So that Frog link might be best. Thanks again.

Any other help is greatly appreciated.

I can imagine that Austin would be one of the best places to go for art in Texas. I live just around Houston. Theres not much art or design stuff around here but I’m sure you can find something if you just looked around and tried.

And yes Texas has an awesome music scene. So many good bands have come around and its just awesome. There are so many other bands that are starting up too and their definetley not bad.

Yep… I live in Austin [of course no one here is orginally from Austin]…
Lots of california and midwesterners relocated.

It is the creative capital of the south… and since its still relatively small compared certainly to NYC - the condensation of creative people is incredible. You either meet a professional musician, an artist, author, designer, or programmer… that’s about the make up of the population.

Lots to do and great people. The only place you want to live in TX for sure.

ActionFigure, Frog, Pentagram, Milkshake Media

A zillion gaming companies… all needing animators and graphics. Don’t know any names but you can do a search for gaming studios in Austin.


Corporations that probably have graphics: Apple [yes they have a big office here] Dell, IBM, Motorola… I think they are starting a media group in Austin, 3M, Polycom, Motive, CSC [computer sciences corp], Vignette… lots of software companies

ID: Design Edge, M3, Dell, ID one, Studio RD, 3M, Polycom

Probably a lot more… these are just off the cuff.