Testing file transfers

considering getting seat of SolidWorks. would like to try getting something into Maya for rendering. pretty sure it saves to Pro/E format. anyone care to throw a few revolves together into a SW assembly and export to Pro/E assembly? would share results and process.

would also be interesting to see how a Maya iges file goes into SW.

PM me if interested.

file interoperability always a question. maybe other transfers could be tested?


Im working with studiotools and sw. You can import iges into sw but there is no history or parametric properties to the surfaces. From proE to sw you will prob. have the parametric data of the surfaces.
Im working with sw 03 and have limited experience with surface tools of sw, but my experience is that the surfaces are not very useable once imported into sw. The other way around it can be a real timesaver thought. For instance if you have a product with a lot of fillets; build it up quickly in sw and finish the complex curved surfaces in studio and render them up. Dont know if this was helpfull, but might help you decide on buying sw…


as far as importing iges from sw to maya should work decend as I do this often with studiotools…just play with the various iges standards in sw and should get a good iges out of them

i want to play with a file. thanks anyway.