Tesla Powerwall

Great idea: off-grid homes finally are able to use their extra power. But I’m just not sure if I like the industrial design. I think it looks a little too aggressive, maybe a little tacky - it’s the upwards and downwards curved tips I don’t like. What’s the general consensus on this potentially revolutionary product?

I really like the idea too.

I am with you with the ID. The double bowed sides looks a little dated, though … or they at least need softer corners. As an example, I saw this guy’s work through Pinterest recently (http://www.jaekyujung.com) and though it is a couple years old, I think this does the curved sides great:

But I can see the auto industry wanting something a little more aggressive than your iPad, Nest, Roku, etc.

I saw this pop-up on Facebook the other day which pretty much explains it:

If you want to save yourself 4 minutes it basically tells you that it is far too expensive to have any significant use for anyone.

Practicality aside, it at least starts the balling rolling in the right direction. As for the ID I actually like it for what is essentially a giant battery that goes on the wall…

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What I take from Musk’s presentation is that I need to hire 20 people to come into my presentations to cheer and take photos. Powerful stuff.

ID is OK. But for something that is utilitarian, acceptable. You don’t see any air conditioners that push the boundaries for a reason. This stuff needs to be acceptable and sober.

I don’t have any issues with the ID. This is one of those things where it has purely sculptural value. It looks like something “high tech”. We could all do 30 minutes of sketches and come up with probably 50 ideas that we like better, but it’s all pretty subjective at this point.

For a single surface it works. You could start adding more details to it and creating more visual complexity or make it a box with some G3 rads.

Am I the only one for who the shape really looks like a coffin?

But it’s not utilitarian nor is it sober. In fact, Cyberdemon’s post right after yours shows a pretty different interpretation;

Anyway, I agree with Cyberdemon’s point; we could all probably come up with 50 ideas that we like better. It is subjective, like he’s saying.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel like the design is fully realized. It feels like it’s not quite sure what it wants to be; high tech or utilitarian. In that sense, it looks like it’s stuck somewhere in-between. That dissonance doesn’t quite sit right with me - maybe if they offered alternative shells to fit the person’s aesthetic? That way all our homes don’t have to look like a super-clean super-garage for it to fit in.

If Elon and his team want this to gain widespread acceptance, then that’s something that might help them do that if they decide to make a v2, IMO. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Great video, Sketchgrad. Finally was able to see it.

Wasn’t that the thinking before Nest though? I bet if you made some super hot A/C units people would get on it.

I think it wants to be something that will grab peoples and medias attention. Personally I would prefer it looking something like a Jerry-can combined with a server-rack. Very few garages looks like that one. No one who has a Tesla in their white wall garage will ever live “off the grid”. When they’ve sold in the idea, a myriad of aesthetic options will follow - it’s the least of the problems.

Essentially what it is this, but with another type of fuel.

Disagree. People don’t buy AC units when there’s a tech change. They buy them when their old one dies.

Nest was just not about styling the round thing on the wall. It was about UX, the features and ability to realize and visualize cost savings by having your thermostat become smarter, and not have the horrible interface that the Honeywell unit (which did the same things) did.

Quirky did their “high end” window AC unit, but it was a flop because behind a slightly fancy internet connected device was a POS AC unit that was notoriously unreliable and ultra bright Blue LED’s for something that was meant to go in your bedroom. Good idea, poor execution.

Disagree. People don’t buy AC units when there’s a tech change. They buy them when their old one dies.

I’m thinking more alongs the lines of it being a (well working) status item. The Apple/Tesla effect. Pay a premium for a (good) product. But the biggest by product is that its a way to show your affluent. Apple Watch, Nest, and this Powerwall to me fall into this category.

I’m just thinking, you bought a million dollar house. You get a Koehler Faucet, Nest, Viking Stove, SubZero fridge and this super duper good looking A/C unit.

The fact that I cant name a highend a/c unit means that those brands haven’t branched out and pushed design to the next level yet. (At least not to cult status) Im imaging something that you don’t have to hide behind the bushes on the side of your house. Same thing could go for water heaters. Theres room there to have something your not ashamed of and hide in a weird closet.

I know a few people who have Teslas. They have large houses, solar panels, and other cars. These are people who are successful financially and independent minded. I think this product will appeal to them and the stark but sculptural form is on point.

Now that I think of it, that seems right:)

Re: Nest: Nest is a control, not an AC unit.