Tesla CyberTruck Design Review: Elon has balls of steel

I need to get out of my man-cave.

some interesting thoughts on it:

I’m already feeling the Cybertruck influence on my WIP. Both internal discussions among designers, but also as direction requests from clients. Have any of you started to notice it in your field?

Most of my clients and I talk about how it is the exact opposite of the world we want to make, so it has been useful as an example of what not to do. :slight_smile:

I work with a bunch of programmers and electronics engineers. We discussed the new Tesla self-driving (supposedly) chipset. Not a word about the CyberTruck. Mind you, Quebecois don’t buy pick ups already, so this thing doesn’t budge anyone’s needle in Nouvelle France.

Uhm, what?

We now take you, live, to GM headquarters:

“Make the logo backlit!” Is the new make the logo bigger.

Uhhh no, that’s the White House.

I posted this under the Jay Leno review…man was that review poorly timed considering the news all week:

The bulletproof glass looks really inappropriate this week. Actually, the whole thing looks inappropriate. It’s the vehicular equivalent to the white guy ordering a sandwich with a missile launcher strapped to his back. It’s showing the middle finger to the 80% of the population trying to get by. It’s hard for me to not judge the people behind this monstrosity.

Hell yes. Exactly right, Ray. (And that was my comment on the front page, too.)

Thank you guys.

We can solve this.

Elon does have a $36 billion head start on us, unfortunately. Other than that, we’re on it!

Good breakdown of cybertruck vs standard truck engineering.

Cybertruck contrasts with Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and RAM 1500.

I just saw this in Montreal today:

Not only did Red Bull design a Cybertruck, but it beat Tesla to market by 4 years…this is from 2015!

Looked great too. Very Batman-esque.

I’ve seen that as well at some event. Crazy brutal in person.

Whats the status on the cybertruck anyway, didnt they collect preorders?

Cybertruck has been 6 months away for the last 4 years :wink:

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But the design I’d say has aged well, and still looks avant- grade. The Rivian and others in market already look old and boring.


I think the Rivian took too long to get made. Same for the Cybertruck for me. I think it’s going to come out and look 4+ years old, because it is.

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