Tesla- anyone seen this

This thing is pretty sweet. Anyone know how to jump the line?

Dude, the Tesla is so 2007, the new eco lux you can’t hope to buy is the Fisker: http://www.fiskerautomotive.com/index.php/vehicles/order/

Fisker was a designer at Austin Martin and BMW before going off on his own.

Ummmmm…do I have to say it?


Well… not sure I can wait 2 friggin years- but can anyone get me moved up the line!!!

First post of the day, cut me some slack … ASTON I’m sorry I insulted you! :wink:

And secondly… we dont out much here in the Rocky Mtns.

the tesla is an obvious lotus rip off with a over active marketing department

dont let yourself become just another shiny new thing chump: the technology for really ecologically sensitive vehicles is years away and it aint 1000kgs of litium ion powered sports car! or, god forbid, the energy and automotive industries preferred means of controlling transport: the hydrogen fuel cell- yuk!

why not buy a second hand lotus and a home wind turbine or two (maybe donate some money to a worthy charity) and do the environment a real favor while having some serious fun at the same time

It’s was engineered by Lotus… don’t be silly.

But what if this happens? :wink:

me: Is that anti-environmentalist terrorism? It looked intentional, not a manufacturing defect!

Tesla: Yo is right in that there is another thread here from a year ago. However, I would buy one if I had the cash.

  1. It is a Lotus Elise with different bumpers. The chassis is built in England on the Lotus line. That’s perfect for me.

  2. My commute is only 20km each way. I could juice this puppy up overnight on non-carbon emitting hydro-electricity.

For me, the Tesla checks all my boxes, whereas the FCX Clarity or a GM EV1 make me search for the viagra.

Tesla: Yo is right in that there is another thread here from a year ago. [/quote]

MD was referring to my lack of style, AND it being so LAST YEAR.

Thanks bro, er… Yo.

Apparently the breaking mechanism failed in high winds, so the turbine spun faster than it’s design limits and the centripetal force tore one of the blades apart. I guess thats why it was being filmed? Very impressive!

I like the idea of anti-enviro-terrorism::: anti-anti-establishment all the way :astonished:

You would think they would design some kind of clutch or braking system to avoid overloading the turbine to that extent…engineers!

Just another bad attempt at humor, and pointing out the Fiskar also has a wait list, the only other really cool environmentally friendly car (I personally don’t like it, but seeing past that). People like cool cars, even if they don’t buy them. To spread awareness and desirability for environmentally responsible products, it needs to also be cool. I think the industry is resetting it’s approach.

MD- No, no… it was good- just watch out… i’ve been known to place a few wry cracks myself. :smiley:

I agree in principle to the idea that the industry is changing it’s ideas- but it would be hard pressed when the Prius is so Fugly… and the number one, with a wait.

That is true, but at least it is unique (I guess)… the Civic Hybrid, Ford Escape Hybrid, Camry Hybrid, Altima Hybrid, Toyota Highlander Hybrid… I’d be curious to know how these are doing?

Prius sales: 8000-12000 per month

Civic Hybrid: 1000-2000 per month
Lexus RX400H: 1000-2000 per month
Camry Hybrid: 3000-5000 per month
Highlander: 2000-3000 per month

Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner hybrid: 1500 per month

The Prius sells because it is unique and a good family car. The rest aren’t unique. The Insight never managed more than a few hundred per month. It failed because Honda’s margin was non-existant, but also it failed to be a good family car.

The Fisker and the Tesla may succeed because they aren’t meant to replace a family car, but supplement it. I wouldn’t buy a Tesla electric Prius, but I would buy a Tesla Lotus Elise and keep my current car.

Do we need another thread to talk about Fisker? If that guy can succeed in building an exotic car brand, anyone can.

I had faith in you. I knew I didn’t have to say it.

Watch closely…like you said, the breaking mech was kaput…so it was spinning too fast and the wind was deflecting the blades so the blade actually hits the mounting pole. Kablooie. Fun to watch stuff like that.

Almost as good as the video where they blow up the beached whale.