term of agreement

Hi, Im about to work on a freelance project and I want to b ecovered with term of agreement. But Im afraid i might miss some loophole since im not legal expert. Does anyone here kind enough to share their term of agreement template? I really appreciate it.


Google is a decent place to start with master service agreements but one thing I learned the hard way is if you want it to be proper you need to review it with a lawyer. Every country/state has different laws regarding contracts and a contract from someone in Ohio may not be legally valid in Michigan. I had a contract with a client who didn’t pay up and it turned into a mess. Even though he had signed a contract certain parts were invalid and although it certainly helped to have something (even a simple signed piece of paper saying I agree to pay you $xxx by XX for XXX work completed).

At the end of the day the lawyer fees and the negotiated settlement amount ended up being basically a wash, but I suppose it was a valuable time to learn the lesson.

I haven’t used them, but http://www.docracy.com could be a good place to start.

thanks for the answers!
one more thing, most of the document sample i found is graphic design, website design but none of them are specifically for industrial design. although I could just modify them I wondering is there’s any for ID so i didnt miss anything.