Hi All,

I once heard that one can purchase “templates package” for illustrator, meaning a CD or CD’s with basic illustrator sketches, according to your demands.
I, for example, work in the fashion industry and could purchase basic sketches of shirts, dressed etc. on which I could work and make changes.
Can anyone confirm such a product exists? And if so - where and how can I purchase it.


You can buy stitch packages for AI but i am not sure about garments. There is a book called Neubauwelt which comes with a royalty free CD of AI and EPS imagery for you to use. They are a little stylised and not like the typical apparell imagery you see from designers but certainly could form the proportional basis for you to go on and design from

I can email you the stitches if you want them

I would recommend just tracing them in illustrator from photos. A lot of it is done that way, that is how I did most of these:

Yo, that hoodie is hot!!

Have you tried RD Franks or Mode Information (do a Google), I’m dure they sell this type of thing.

I’m certain I’ve seen a book in RD Franks called clothing design in Illustrator or something like that, a tutorial book with a cd rom.

Hi Bespoke,

I have sent you a private message with my e-mail address so you could send me the stitches.
Did you receive it?