Hi All,

I once heard that one can purchase “templates package” for illustrator, meaning a CD or CD’s with basic illustrator sketches, according to your demands.
I, for example, work in the fashion industry and could purchase basic sketches of shirts, dressed etc. on which I could work and make changes.
Can anyone confirm such a product exists? And if so - where and how can I purchase it.


i also work for an apparel company and a few years back we purchased a forecast from a company, snapfashun (http://www.snapfashun.com/xtract.html).

it was a forecast catalog and came with a cd of the items they developed in their catalog. it came in handy and we had used the base item designs (shirts, bottoms, etc after removing some of the trim details). the only thing is that the whole package was pretty prices, somewhere around $500 per season.

if you goto the link above and click on one of the extract book samples you can see some of the flats that they make. it looks like they have a cd that is just bottom flats. they dont give any cost on the site, you would have to contact them and they are based in LA.