Telling the story

Hello, I am currently renovating my site,

A big issue that I had was the lack of the storytelling in the projects. (Explaining the process of design)

Do any websites come to mind when you think of strong storytelling?

I would love to see them!

Telling a story of a project/product etc. can obviously be very overwhelming so I suggest you break it down.

If this is any help this is how I suggest you start. . .

why is it needed? (what was the initial inspiration for developing this idea)
who is using this/participating in this experience? Or who was the client
what is it for?
how is it made and work (technical, manufacturing specs)

Then from answering those questions, sketch out how you might present each section visually (graphics, photos, sketches etc.) and show that to someone with no knowledge of the project and possibly even design.

Hope that all helps! Good luck!