Tell me what you like about your job as an ID'er, &..

…what you don’t like. I’m trying to acquire as much information on the profession and learn as much as I can.

So what do you enjoy about your job/ID as a whole, and what don’t you like/wish you could change?


90 views and no posts? Just looking for some quick thoughts.

IMO the most satisfying part of being a designer is the ability to walk into a store and point to something and be like “I made that”.

The ability to turn your vision into a physical thing is incredibly gratifying.

The flip side is theres a huge amount of work involved and in most cases requires a great team to get your vision through. It’s very easy to design something, hand it off to an engineer, and by the time your design comes out it looks nothing like what you’ve put in.

i think the most satisfying part of my job is walking into a meeting with many different departments and occupations and being able to transcend the barries each department puts up yet still provide a viable solution.

the worst part of my job is watching the dispearance of craftsmenship for higher margins and perceived market share.

I like solving problems. ID is like playing with a toy or a puzzle all day. That’s why designers still look so good when were old. We’re just big kids having fun. :slight_smile:

Yeah theres nothing like someone telling you that an important design feature needs to be cut because it’s 30cents too expensive.

Sometimes it makes you want to say “Well then charge an extra f’in dollar for the product!”