tell me about it >> to work in the States ?

Intention to work in the States…
Design related… 5-6 yrs expereince.
Any chance ?

I am from Singapore.

:arrow_right: .sg

That’s pretty broad, what kind of work? I think we need more background.

First Canada, then NZ, now US. Looks like PAP’s chasing you pretty tight huh?

give me a chance can…
system in singapore is forceless…

Just need an opinion or another option to work overseas…

can earn no shit and have too little exposure in SIN.

Let me get my singlish translater… oh … I see.

To work overseas in almost any country is very hard. It’s hard enough for people who graduate in the US to get a job, let alone people are not physically in the country.

Any kind of VISA, except visiting VISA, is very difficult to get. The company has to( or not) sponsor the application, that means money and time and hire a lawyer. They also need to prove that you are indeed worthy and cannot find any better replacement. Therefore, you need to be super kickass in the first place.

I think this goes the same for UK. Good luck.

mmjohns is good. ask him. he’s kickass dude.