Tell Me About Boston Please

Can anyone tell me about Boston…as in, where would I want to live as a young wannabe-hip 22 year old who likes inexpensive ethnic restaurants and bars within walking distance. Cultural I <3 public transportation as well. I know absolutely nothing about the city.

(I apologize in that I realize that this is not really a design question but who better to ask about living then fellow designers. right?)

Boston is a small city so don’t just limit yourself to Boston. I don’t know where you are coming from but Boston is more expensive than NY City (at least in terms of rent.) Best time to look for an apartment would be in the spring and summer otherwise you will be competing with students.

In 2001 you had to pay a finders fee for most places = to 1 months rent. After 9/11 many places waived the finders fee although I’m not sure if its still true in 2004.

Check out Jamaica Plain, various parts of Cambridge (larger than Boston but just across the river take the red line train to get into Boston or walk the bridge) Brookline, Somerville. Granted I can’t say any of these places are inexpensive. Some people say Brighton is getting better and safer. Lots of Boston U students live there…not far from Boston or Brookline.

Here’ a couple of map of the MBTA (Massachusetts Transit Authority)

BTW I grew up there returned several times. Last time was for a year just before and after 9/11. I never rode a bus in Boston, always the train. MBTA does not run all night.

thanks so much for your detailed reply. anyone else have any input?

A few years ago hip bohemian types lived in Jamaica Plain. I never lived there though and don’t know if it’s still that way.

Keep in mind bars close at 12 or 1. There’s not much night life, but I think people there pretty down to earth which makes for nice living.

If you want to be close to the most vibrant art community in New England you should be down at Fort Point or in the Leather or Ladder Districts (these are all about 2 miles from each other, Boston aint that big). JP is cool too but verges on ghetto in places. I lived in Davis Square, in Somerville for a while and that fits the bill for cheap food, good bars, and on the Red Line T (fast and clean way to downtown). Never lived in Brighton or Brookline - Brookline’s nice but a little elitist. Altitude (the design firm) is right in Somerville, I think. Or they used to be. Central Square in Cambridge (between Harvard and MIT) is cool too.


i was there yestrday and got beyond lost.
it seems liek a pretty cool city tho

lets talk some more about boston! anyone have any experiences with the city that they want to share?

hey, I noticed that you study in Dessau, Germany @ the Bauhaus, I studied abroad there for one semester, are you from Hochshule Anhault ??

yes i am at Hochschule Anhalt! when did you come here? are you from RIT or cleveland?

I am from Cleveland, I went there in the summer of 2002…and you?

I am from RIT. Did you know Huntz and Brooke? I also know some German students here who went to Cleveland that year, but I suppose you wouldn’t know them.

This program is so different than what I am accustomed to. I’m curious how other product designers have felt about it.

What’s it like? I’m curious…