Teenage Engineering Computer Case

Powdercoated folded sheetmetal… I feel like I can’t get a bead on what that brand is about. Their product range is all over the place.

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 11.00.00 AM.png

Interesting that it’s sold as a flat-pack.

scroll down the page.

That is a really cool aspect of it. I think it is a pretty nice product for a hobbiest who wants to build something like that out.

It just surprised me that it came from a brand that started making synths, and then got into some bluetooth speakers, and now this. Maybe it’s the right thing to do, they have a base of customers that love them and maybe they determined this is something those people would be into? It just didn’t seem to connect with me initially. Maybe their brand is about tinkerers?

Their products are the coolest thing ever to a particular group of people. Probably people who wish they had seen Daft Punk in concert, have a designer pin collection, and expensive ‘functional’ borosilicate glass.

I think they’re cool too. I would be thrilled to play with one of those pocket operators and make all kinds of beep boop tracks…

…or just about anything else from their store. It’s very quirky and retro but extremely confident.

I love it too. I was looking at getting a pocket operator, but never pulled the trigger.

I would definitely love a case like that! If I pull the trigger on building a new machine this year, I just might get that one.

That 1:1 Square monitor though? Eeek. No thanks.

Likewise wanted to get a pocket operator to play with my 2 year. I think would be fun.

I think this “brand” (not really sure it’s a brand in a traditional sense) is spot on and knows their audience well. It’s consistently inconsistent and keeps themselves on the fringe of things yet just mainstream enough to be of interest to a subset a commercial audience. I love what they do and can’t think of another brand that does it so well.


Y’all should pull the trigger on the Pocket Operators, they are all less than $100. Super fun to play with, especially with kids. I have four of the models. Hitting them all in sync at a given BPM is super fun. It’s an inspiring company.

Teenage Engineering’s design of the pressure former was a surprise. Mayku Multiplier

I have no use for it but I want one. Wow!


I am generally pretty creative at justifying cool tech purchases. Have not come up with a use case for the pressure former, yet…

Oh wow, we might be able to use this in my office…

I have a problem with the round raw material shape. Either I have to buy their proprietary and expensive materials or I have to cut my materials into the round shape.

Currently we have a vacuum forming machine that uses heat, (the no heat of this machine is a nice feature), but I have a rolls of different materials that I can cut to most any size, it’s cheap and convenient.

The process uses heat. Gotta have heat.

Round is required by the shape of the pressure chamber, which has a pressure of 4 ATM as opposed to vac-forming at less than 1. It would be nice to use square materials, but round is not impossible to cut. You can use the same materials you have.

The 400mm forming bed is heated by 1200W heaters, that when combined with the onboard internal compressor and high pressure stainless steel air tanks means it can work with sheet material between 0.25 and 8mm thick.

Mayku CPO Ben Redford, added that the Multiplier is capable of replicating 3D prints and other shapes with ‘absolute precision’. “The Multiplier rivals silicone or injection moulding by being able to produce forms which capture lines and grooves up to 0.0004mm thick, picking up the thickness of ink on paper.> Mayku Multiplier puts industrial pressure forming on the desktop - DEVELOP3D

Pressure formed mobile phone shells back in the day were super crisp, no way to get that detail with vac forming.

We then don’t have a need for the machine, high-res is not a requirement for our use.

And yes, we can cut round, but now I have to drop $10K on a clicker press and $500 on the steel rule die. I like using a scissors cutting off the roll. :slight_smile: