Teddy Atuluku Portfolio Review

Hi guys, I’m an Industrial designer in my senior year, I’ve been making lots of edits to my online portfolio and I’d love to get a different opinion.
I’d like to know:-

  • how you feel about the horizontal format vs. the classic vertical scroll,
  • If the projects are understandable and if there’s anything you wish you know more about,
  • anything else that comes to mind about the website or my work, especially if it’s negative

I know you guys are really busy and there are a ton of people who need help with this, but I’d really appreciate the feedback.

Thanks in advance for your time and your help, The link’s below.

[ Deleted ]


I really like your work and your website as a whole. Great start!

In reference to your question about horizontal scroll vs vertical is this: Horizontally makes more sense to read from…however, everyone scrolls vertically so it creates this unnatural feel which is kind of bothersome. So, if you reinvented everyones mice to have a horizontal function I’d say go for it! Otherwise, use the vert scroll as the limitation to guide this decision. Sorry!

I also wish that everything was BIGGER. May be a personal preference but I feel like your home page has too small of images that make your site seem less “fun” and “exciting.” You see a lot more with a large sketch than you do with a thumbnail…show it off!

Best of luck,

KenoLeon, all your points are valid, especially about the “lack of purpose” that’s a problem I’ve been trying to work on, especially with the Dual -Time watch, mainly because I’ve reworked it so much it no longer feels connected to the initial brief.
The format you gave will be a big help, and your 2 cents are worth a lot. Thanks. I got a copy of Breaking In a short time ago, its really insightful.

Pjbowers, the image size on my home page never occurred to me, but that’s really great advice to make them Bigger.
I’ll also work on the overall size of the Images and switch the format to a vertical scroll, your points on that especially about how unnatural it feels makes perfect sense.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out guys, I’ll start working on changes straightaway.