TED.com laughs at GM


This talk was given 4 years ago. TED post it today. Burn!

so… we’ll be seeing some fuel cell action sometime in the august when the '10 model year is rolled out?

When I watched this video I didn’t relise it was four years old and spent the whole 10 minutes thinking wtf?

Editing was very poor, not up to TED standards at all, the whole talk seemed dated anyway (since it was), but more like 10 years as opposed to 4, on talks like this TED usually keeps it at about 20 minutes and the questioning at the end just felt like it was worded very politically and i got the idea that Chris Anderson isn’t a fan of GM. It just didn’t leave me with the positive vibes a TED vid usually does.

Maybe I’m just reading into it to much, but this just felt like a subtle dig at GM, subtley calling them out on their b.s at the eve of their bankrupcy.