Tecra M4 or M7?

Which old tabletPC sgould I get? Toshiba Tecra M4 or M7? M4 has more screen resolution. M7 has better processor.
I mainly plan to use sketchbook pro and maybe some Rhino and leave the heavy duty stuff to a desktop.

Don’t recall the specs on the M4 - I had an M7, worked well and the higher res screen is probably better than the CPU if you’re just doing basic CAD stuff. If they both have integrated graphics, you probably won’t be doing much CAD stuff as is.

Is the M4 the same screen size? I know they had a high res 12" one for a while.

Both Tecra M4 and M7 are 14.1" screens. M7 is widescreen.

The M4 has 1400x1,050 SXGA+ native resolution

The M7 has 1440 x 900 WXGA+ native resolution

Both have dedicated NVidia graphics.