TechVector portfolio updated!

Hello folks, just updated my portfolio:
I’ve had some people mention that I should have instructions that say “click to view color” or something to that effect in the vector section…let me know if you agree.

I just check it out today. If you just added it, damn that is sweet! Great site!!!

Nice clean work on a simple site. Probably one of the better sites I’ve seen in a while. Great job!

Wow, very nice

tech. great work man. i liked your old site.
the new site is MUCH better.

well done. great navigation. great work.
a good upgrade from the old.

…makes me realize its maybe time to maybe think about maybe redoing my site.

Thanks all,
jgabry, nice snowboard illustrations, I’m doing a few for a skateboard company right now, thats what I’d like to do full time really, keep it up, your stuff is dope.