Technology and ID?

I have a strange graduate design degree that encompasses interactivity, technology, programming, computers and electronics. I can design and prototype circuits, navigate new technology etc. but I an not an Electrical engineer or a Comp Sci. No I am definitely a designer. However I’m trying to find Industrial designers to work with because my work is more focused on physical interfaces rather than screen based ones. My question is are my skills something that industrial designers might find valuable?


I would love to work with you. I am actually considering going to interactive programs such as nyu itp, ivrea, rca etc. I have tried some electronics/programming and would love to get into it more. I also am fluent in actionscripting, css, html…etc for web. Physical/virtual user interface and design requires people to have an understanding of programming and electronics. Technology is a medium. Designers(ie. consumer electronics designers) working with technologies should be familiar with how they work…just like web designers should know some code…anyway that’s my professionally inexperienced beliefs…

Yep, NYU ITP is where I went. It was great. Extremely experimental. The open-ended quality of the program is great but it’s easy to lose yourself in the technology and forget about what your trying to do.
Right now I’m trying to offer my services prototyping electronics and microcontroller programming for designers…aka making the guts that make devices work but I don’t think most designers even know what I’m talking about.