Technical textile reference books?

I’m currently working on a soft medical product and will soon be working in technical development in the outdoor industry. I’ve just graduated from design school and am always looking to supplement what I’m learning on the job with a little after-work reading. I want to get up to speed as quickly as possible! “Materials and Processes for Design Professionals” is exactly the sort of comprehensive reference I’d love to have. However, textiles are not well represented in this book. I bought ‘Advanced Textiles for Health and Well-Being’ by Marie O’Mahoney on Amazon. It has some interesting stuff but is not the comprehensive professional reference book I’m looking for. Carryology recently posted a series of infographics that have a good comprehensive overview of bag materials, but provide just a superficial glance. (Carry Materials I - Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry and Carry Materials II - Carryology - Exploring better ways to carry)

Does anyone know of a good textile equivalent to “MPDP”? I’m starting to wonder if this book exists… anyone out there want to write it? :wink: