technical illustration

I have a technical documentation/specification questions for all you soft goods guys. I am a technically oriented designer, i have used both solidworks and proE for various designs. I also use illustrator for a lot of things that can’t be done (at least as easy) in a 3d program. Now my question is this, solidworks has a very defined method for creating working drawings; what method is used when using illustrator as a design tool. What kind of text boxes are used, etc. I have tried re-creating a engineering based template in ai, but it just doesn’t look right with an “illustrative type” drawing. Especially when i create color illustrations. Can anybody tell me what documentation style works best for softgoods or footwear? I need to put this quirky dilemma behind me! :open_mouth:

mmm…not sure what you are really asking here. got any samples to show to help?

i frequently use illlustrator for technical drawings and illustrative specs, but i dont know what you mean by “text boxes”, etc.

if it helps, here is a typical technical drawing for a footwear outsole i will do in illustrator-