Technical design/advice forums?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a good online community where I can discuss technical projects. I guess the best examples would be places like makezine, however does anyone know of any other forums which people who do DIY work come together?

The idea is that if I had personal one-offs I’d want to make, I’d have somewhere to ask questions before I commit to anything.


We’re a very diverse group here. Most of us have built something from time to time, be it furniture, engines, houses, airplanes, what ever. Toss up your questions, I’m sure someone could help you.

The one I use to frequent were all pretty niche. focuses on replica props and costumes. They have great model building technique though. People building Mame cabinets.Woodworknig skills and basic electronics. They are some pretty good carpenters on this site.

These are the only ones I can think of at the time

Well I’m looking at building a custom air hockey table… but I need to discuss stuff like what type of air pump will I use, and how to design baffles… all before resorting to stuff like CFD which may or may not be accurate.

Also it helps to know different communities to see what they do, and get some ideas while I’m cruising through

Instructables is a good place to start for projects like these. Link here to instructables.

Popular Mechanics had an article on how to build one a long time, thanks to the magic of google scanning books, you can see it here. Link to google books: Popular Mechanics and screen grab below.