Tech Illustrations

Our new illustrations/renders/rapid visualizations. Combining influences of: classic aircraft cutaways + airbrushed chrome + CAD + sketch quality to not lock into photoreal + poster sized prints + expressing technical superiority in our field. Originals are 10K resolution minimum.

A few more from the series of poster sized tech prints.

Fun stuff Shaw!

digging this.
are we looking at composites of line-work\renderings with some Photoshop to tighten things up?

also really dig how fine the linework is at a large size. May I ask how you exported the lines? Or did you have to re-draw them?


This is awesome. I want more of this.

Thanks guys. jGray, they are indeed composites. Rhino gives good output of 2D vectors in AI format.

Applied the technique to a past bike helmet concept model for a more organic model. Definitely over the top, experimenting.

Looking good Shaw!!

Had to chime in and voice the love! The high gloss renders are really working for ya with these. For some reason they are taking me back to my Alias days. Ah, good times!

Thanks CR, Phillippe. Alias and Silicon Graphics boxes, the holy grail of a certain era. This certainly has an element of those roots for me as well.